My name is Matthias A. Exl

mae profil

As an experienced General Manager, I believe in mentoring and coaching team members instead of simply managing them. I am an IT entrepreneur, digital strategist, published author (e.g. "Befreie dich selbst! Über die Kunst, wahrhaftig zu leben" - Read more in German) on personal development and senior executive and bring in more than 20 years of NGO/NPO, corporate social responsibility, telecom and investment promotion expertise.

I am an outgoing person with an extroverted and at the same time empathetic personality which helps me to develop and nurture long-lasting personal and business relationships. I do believe in listening and learning, emotional intelligence and humility. My personal view on life as well as my private introduction you can find on this page (in German).


Be an inspiration to others, trust your intuition and adopt, adapt and improve!


The culture of any organization is shaped by the worst behavior the leader is willing to accept!