My name is Matthias A. Exl

mae profil

I am an published author on personal development with over 250 four star reviews on Amazon, Founder of Mein Leben Jetzt!, digital strategist and SEO specialist with an ability to translate business objectives into procedures, digital strategies and tactics. With an proven track record in the IT/Digital and NPO space I do have an advanced understanding of consumer as well as employee behaviour.

As a progressive and ethical General and Business Operations Manager with a particular strength in driving performance in a very respectful way I am self-sufficient and resourceful, with a responsive, cooperative and knowledgeable approach to work as well as professional attitude to dealing with all operational issues that may arise.  Even though I lead through the facilitation and empowerment of others, I am still willing to take personal responsibility for all problems under my governance.

I am an outgoing person with an extroverted and at the same time empathetic personality which helps me to develop and nurture long-lasting personal and business relationships. I do believe in listening and learning, emotional intelligence and humility. More information about personal development is available on my blog "Befreie dich selbst!" (in german only).


Be an inspiration to others, trust your intuition and adopt, adapt and improve!


The culture of any organization is shaped by the worst behavior the leader is willing to accept!