My name is Matthias A. Exl

mae profil

I combine deep experience in enterprise IT, marketing and over fifteen years of C-level executive management, and enlightened people skills in the corporate, startup and NPO arenas. My experience highlights include:

- Vice President, Business Development for Stentor PLC (an Irish telecoms provider)
- Vice President, Corporate Development for $600M Startup Cityreach International, attracting investment from some of the world’s largest investors
- Represented these companies internationally as Investment Promotion Expert at major events like the World Business Forum and the UN WAIPA conference
- Founded and ran a highly successful start-up: a premier provider of management and technology consulting services and solutions, with a focus on strategies for market entry into Europe; the company was successfully sold to Net2use GmbH in 2007
- Best-selling author on coaching (over 250 four-star reviews on Amazon), leader in training and personal development, and recognized as an accomplished public speaker
- Rapidly built an Austrian NPO with over 2000 members from scratch, and led/ managed it for ten years, providing transformational training, coaching and silent retreats in the sacred mountain terrains of Austria and Italy, maintaining a 95% membership renewal rate and a 90% employee retention rate throughout this decade

People see me as an inspirational leader who can galvanize a team quickly, maintaining momentum over often long (and potentially stressful) periods by communicating with a high level of initiative, tact and diplomacy. I am a big believer in personal development, listening and learning, emotional intelligence and humility. This is reflected in my leadership style: coaching team members instead of simply managing them. I am applying my combination of senior management skills, plus my deep spirituality, to ensure the highest standards of delivery for the PoEM Foundation operations, systems, reporting and real-world impacts.


Be an inspiration to others, trust your intuition and adopt, adapt and improve! The culture of any organization is shaped by the worst behavior the leader is willing to accept!