Management Specialities

Operations specialist, leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and effective interventions with individuals. Entrepreneurism and business strategies. 

How do you remain competitive, authentic and sustainable in the age of big data, mass market automation, overwhelm and uncertainty? For discerning businesses, the human touch is still the vital key to superior audience engagement and sustainable marketing success. As a seasoned C-Level technology and business development leader, I know the power and necessity of automation and efficient operations, and I leverage it firsthand in all my businesses. However, many discerning businesses find this difficult. They find it challenging to combine operational excellence with truly engaging their audiences and therefore achieving their marketing and sales objectives.I provide intelligent, world-class digital marketing with a human connection that attracts, nurtures and converts your ideal audience, then retains them as valuable, enthusiastic and loyal customers.


Emotional Intelligence

“Yet, it's our emotions and imperfections that makes us human.” ― Clyde DeSouza
I am focused on personal development as well as business coaching. For over 10 years, my work has helped people to take their lives to another level in the areas that matter most: their relationships, families, health and careers.

Technical Specialities

Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Development, Social Community Management, defining the Digital Strategy and IT Project Management
MCSE, Joomla Enthusiast and Wordpress Expert
SEO Specialist, Google Adsense, Adwords and Webmaster Tools
Social Channel Design, Implementation and Management
Premium Cross Platform responsive Web Design
Video Creation and Marketing
VOIP and SIP Integration
Hosting Specialist
Security Advisor (IT, Data Protection, physical security)
Business Continuity Management (including Disaster Recovery Planning)


IT Project Management Skills

Budgeting, offerings, resource planning, contracts and agreements. Responsible for the incident, problem, change, release, deployment  and configuration management.
Definition of KPI's for Digital Projects
Definition, Implementation and Testing of complex E-Commerce solutions
Incluencer Marketing campaigns
Sales Funnel Design
Social Media Strategic Planning and expansion of reach and conversation
Implementation of web analytic process and procedures
SEO Optimisation projects (on- and offsite)


How do I work?

1. Identifying the opportunities and/or challenges in a business where online assets can provide a solution;
2. Identifying the unmet needs and goals of the external stakeholders that most closely align with those key business opportunities and/or challenges;
3. Developing a vision around how the online assets will fulfil those business and external stakeholder needs, goals, opportunities and challenges, and
4. Prioritizing a set of online initiatives which can deliver on this vision.